Happy clients

about me and my work

“She always makes the workshop interesting and beneficial. “

“Manica explains the theory in a short and to the point very nicely and puts it into practice with useful examples and exercises. She involves individuals nicely, even those who do not want to participate immediately.”

“I recommend this training to all companies where they have a lot of contact with different clients and to learn how to manage personal conflict levels.”

“Thank you Manica for your overall contribution to increasing our competences and understanding.”

“Thank you also for your purely personal touch and your involvement that touched us all.”

“Opens up a different way of looking at things, empowers you to embrace the “otherness” of yourself.”

“Discovers the undiscovered and connects.”

“Bringing the team together in a different but highly effective way. A great combination of lecture, conversation, self-awareness with DISC Flow, emotion recognition with cards and exercises in nature.”

“For some time now I work with Manica as part of our client management, and I can absolutely testify that she is as dedicated to on personal development as she is to the development and growth of her clients.”

“She has high level of innate empathy skills and is highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. She has the ability to tune in to the other person easily, which is probably one of the things that make her a great coach.”

““I loved the workshops – lots of collaboration, reflection, getting to know your colleagues, their perspectives, teamwork, and fun.”

“I especially benefited from realising how different we are and how to deal with different types of personalities.”

“Huge added value, insight and support. Eye-opening experience, very helpful. I suggest to enrol more associates in this program. “

“I found Manica very professional and easy to talk to. It is important to me that I can trust her. As for effectiveness, the results speak for themselves: I am very happy with the progress I have made. Coaching has taken me out of my comfort zone to face some fears and address some limiting self-beliefs.”

“During our coaching sessions she was both supportive and challenging. She was not afraid to disagree or push me to reassess my own conclusions and methods, but it was always with the aim of encouraging me to achieve my objectives. She was always constructive in her feedback. However, the experience has completely opened my mind and I am pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Manica.”

“Thank you for the help when I needed it most.”

Once again thank you for your treatment. I have come to understand myself a little better through only one session with you. I am doing very well right now, very excited to begin training again.”

“I have a husband and three children. At the birth of my third daughter, my husband confessed to me that he is with another woman and that he was going to leave. My world has collapsed. But I didn’t give up. I did everything I could to help myself and my family. I thought it was worth a try, even though I never absolutely believed in energy and stuff.”

“It’s been years now since then. My husband stayed and he’s happy. We get along better than ever, and we love each other. I feel good, I’m healthy and usually in a good mood. After the program I’m now calm and don’t get thrown off easily anymore.

I have enough energy for everyone (for myself, my kids, my husband, and my job). Of course, sometimes I have nasty memories and bad days, but they pass quickly because through the program I have learned to relax and take care of myself.

I’m happy and pleased that I can again feel myself, others, and life. I have the power to be ok with myself.”

“This is one of the most invaluable coaching I had in my life which transform my life from the day we started working. I got long lasting results and still see them every day in each decision I make for myself.”

“Manica opened my eyes and now I understand where are my challenges in closest relationships and you guided me how to deal with accepting myself and how to work with others. Although during coaching there were parts which were very uncomfortable and hard to accept, however with your excellent guidance it was easier to get over them and with that you helped me improve my mind and body. I will always be grateful for your incredible coaching, you are really unique person!”

“Relationship coaching mainly helped me with better understanding of myself, my needs, and priorities. It also thought me about the qualities that are most important to me and which I am now looking for in other people.”

“In the process I improved my self-confidence, as Manica always finds the way and words to make you feel better and more secure about yourself.”